Getting the Most Out of Medical School – Interview with Ryan Robbins ND

Ryan Robbins ND

Ryan Robbins is Bastyr alumnus and a first-year resident at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health. In this interview, he shares his experience as a recent graduate and a resident, in addition to advice for getting the most out of medical school and preparing to practice once you finish your medical training.

The Full Interview:

Huge thanks once again to Ryan Robbins for being so generous with his time! Jump to the end of the video to see how you can reach Ryan directly.

You will learn:

  • Why you should attend a graduation ceremony BEFORE you actually graduate
  • How Ryan decided to do the 5-year track and how it contributed to his development
  • Why NOW is the time to make relationships to as opposed to waiting until you graduate
  • How Ryan decided to become a resident and how it has accelerated his development as a clinician
  • What you can do if you cannot get a residency
  • Why merely completing the curriculum alone will not guarantee success as a new ND
  • The importance of doing preceptorships and how to get the most out of your preceptorships
  • The things you learn in first year actually are useful! (sarcasm)
  • The importance of understanding the information well enough to explain it to your patients
  • Why developing healthy rituals and habits are critical for living in a way that invite and motivate your patients to do the same
  • How Ryan is doing financially now that he is working
  • The importance of asking yourself and answering the question, “What will learning this do for me?”

Please feel free to leave your comments and questions! Interviewing is new to me, and I’d love to hear how I can make these more useful for all of you.

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  1. Excellent interview. You touched upon all the different areas of interest and concern for a new ND student. Your questions are good and Ryan gave very thorough answers too. I got a much better understanding of what you are going through. Good work!

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