Embrace The Fact That You WILL SUCK

As a person who gets hung up with trying to do things perfectly before taking action, I personally know that perfectionism can be a silent killer. I’m sure some of you can relate.

The fear of making mistakes and embarrassing yourself is real fear, but will you allow this fear to prevent you from achieving your goals?

Realize that when you start something new, there will be a learning curve. There will be a period where you will suck.There’s no avoiding this fact. Everyone sucks when they get started. You are expected to suck when you start!

It’s empowering to realize that everyone sucks at what they do at one point or another, and it’s okay! If you are honest that you are new at something, you receive a license to make mistakes. Take advantage of this limited time free pass and suck as much as you can and learn from it.

Now, the “First-Time Free Pass” is a small window of opportunity. You are only new for so long before people start expecting more, so move quickly and learn and practice as much as you can.

Fear of failure is natural, but realize that failure is expected!

Go out there and embrace the fact that YOU WILL SUCK because it’s okay!

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  1. Good advice! I think it definitely helps the learning process to be aware of how little you’re expected to know when you start something. It keeps you from getting frustrated with yourself for not being an expert within the first few minutes, hours, or days of trying to do something for the first time. I suck! I suck! I suck! Hahaha

    1. Definitely! It took me 25 years to realize this! Doesn’t it feel empowering to admit sucking? This is a totally effective fear-busting strategy. Why be afraid of failing when it’s expected? Thanks for commenting, Zia =D.

  2. You’re right on!

    I remember I was nervous on my first day as a pharmacy intern answering the phone. So, I said “please be patient with me. This is my first day as an intern”. It worked!

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      Hi Jennifer! I must confess. The photo is a stock image that came with the theme. I definitely like the pensive feel of the image though, that’s why I haven’t replaced it yet. Thanks for stopping by!

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